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Investments with reliable Forex brokers

Professional management of your investments by a team of experienced Forex brokers from the transaction till the profit withdrawal to your personal wallet.


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Investment plans

7 days

Total return: 114%

2 %daily

Minimum: $10

Maximum: $199


14 days

Total return: 135%

2.5 %daily

Minimum: $200

Maximum: $799


21 days

Total return: 163%

3 %daily

Minimum: $800

Maximum: $2499


28 days

Total return: 212%

4 %daily

Minimum: $2500

Maximum: $7999


35 days

Total return: 275%

5 %daily

Minimum: $8000

Maximum: $19999


42 days

Total return: 352%

6 %daily

Minimum: $20000

Maximum: $50000


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Every financial transaction made by our customers in the FXRAISE system gets in the public transaction history and is updated in a real time mode.
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Professional team

Professional customer asset management

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GoldCoders official license

Secure system

High quality SSL connection with data encryption

Instant payments

Instant funds withdrawal to the personal wallet

Protected server by DDOS-guard

Powerful defense from DDOS attacks of any level

Registered company

Registration in the public register of the UK companies
5% fee for partners!
Raise investments and get instant rewards for the recruited customers. The participation in the partner program will be an excellent opportunity to find new business contacts or community for business communication!
How can I start earning money?
Only 3 simple steps to get unlimited access to all investment opportunities of the platform and start earning money immediately!


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A few words about us
FXRAISE is an investment online platform managed by a team of professional Forex brokers and financial management specialists.
We earn money for our customers making profitable transactions on the Forex exchanges; thanks to our experience, reputation, and conservative risk management we always take right decisions and remain in positive territory continuing to increase the capital of investors and partners of FXRAISE LIMITED. Learn more about our company

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